Derpy Dragon

May 18, 2017




A dragon made for my portfolio piece.

The piece was sculpted using monster clay and it took about three weeks. This dragon was sculpted straight and


a little stiff looking because an animatronic was going to be made to go inside it. The head and mouth was going to move and its arms were going to be controlled by rods.

  The sculpt was moulded (after ripping his arms, legs, tail, ears and wings off) with a simple two part mould for the body and tail, then smaller dump moulds for the limbs.

The body parts were cast in Platsil gel with a dark flesh tone pigment. The body was cast by slush casting a silicone skin and then filling the rest with expanding foam. The tail was cast in silicone but with a pose-able metal rod in the centre so that the tail positioning could be manipulated.

Once everything was cast the pieces were attached to the body using a silicone and polyfibre mix which acted as glue. The eyes were then inserted.

The horns and teeth were glued onto the piece in the same way as the limbs. The piece was then flocked to look mossy. feathers were pushed into the silicone and a forest set was made for him to sit in. In the end although an animatronic was made for this guy, there was no time left to run another piece and fit the animatronic inside, hopefully there will be time in the future to do this :)


































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May 18, 2017

May 18, 2017

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