the Monster Clay experiment

November 27, 2015

Started the new course with a little time to adjust. Thought i'd do a little sculpting practice so i gave an idea some thought. to be honest i couldnt get video games out of my head, what with just comming back from summer after spending some quality time with Mass effect. I had always wanted to sculpt a turian bust and loved the concept designs for Saren from Biowares Mass effect. 

My tutor Richard suggested i try using Monster clay. As soon as i started working with it i loved it! The amount of detail you could get into the clay was increadible and the fact that it had such a low melting point meant that it was so much easier on my hands. 


                                                           So far the sculpt looks pretty terrible :P



After getting the rough shape done i began adding to the form and re-shaping certain parts. I also replaced the temporary clay eyes for eyes i made using Milliput, this was a good material to use as it doesnt change shape once its hardened so pulling clay around it doesnt become a problem. I added more wire as a skeleton for the back piece. 




















I started shaping clay around the back piece and forming the side pieces. I also shortened the upper lip because it was way too droopy.



I then started adding texture to the neck and smoothing the sculpt a bit. I also shortened the lip again and shaped the cowl around the neck and added some detail to the face. I pulled the point on the crest down closer to the head.

















I finally finnished the sculpt and smoothed it all out with a rake tool and some lighter fluid. I really enjoyed sculpting this as i had been able to try out a new clay and get into the groove of the course after a summer working in a resteraunt wishing i was doing this.








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May 18, 2017

May 18, 2017

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